Installing QuadStorVTL on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

QuadstorVTL is a nice piece of software for virtualized Tape Backups.
I’m using it for around 2 years and mainly for testing purposes on Debian Wheezy with DPM 2012 long term tape backup on Hyper-V.

From a Hyper-V perspective I would stick on Suse Linux, Ubuntu or maybe CentOS/RedHat as I described two months ago rather than Debian.
I started using QuadstorVTL on Debian because I needed an OOB solution for QuadstorVTL with minimal installation expense.

After a while and 2 Hyper-V generations later, Debian became more and more old fashioned and outdated compared with Ubuntu or Suse.
The missing KVP daemon and the lack of dynamic RAM support within Hyper-V environments isn’t suitable anymore.
Suse Linux would be the preferred distro on Hyper-V but my skills are a bit behind Ubuntu and so I decided to switch to the latest Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and try to get this running.
It’s not a “little expense” solution anymore but I like Ubuntu and the benefits are worth the effort.
Unfortunately the list of supported systems doesn’t include Ubuntu and after an installation of the VTL deb package, the Apache server won’t give you the well-known webinterface.
With help of the support team I got it running.
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Data Protection & High Availibility – upcoming new features – Part 2

Microsoft announced different cool features at the TechEd 2014 in Barcelona and I needed some time to get into all the cool new stuff.
Especially the tracks of Data Protection and High Availability got me.
There are major and minor changes with Hyper-V, Data Protection Manager and Azure which makes life easier and HA/DP better.

Here’s a series of conclusions of the changes and new features from all over different sessions.

2. A new Reporting Framework

Another missed thing, is an accurate and reliable reporting feature.
At the moment DPM doesn’t have good reports especially for environments with more than one DPM server.
The reporting engine is only usable for one single server for example.
I’m sure you really desperate to get something better.

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Data Protection & High Availibility – upcoming new features – Part 1

Microsoft announced a number of cool features at the TechEd 2014 in Barcelona and I needed sometime to get into all the hot new stuff.
I found the Data Protection and High Availability tracks especially captivating.
There are major and minor changes to Hyper-V, Data Protection Manager and Azure which make admin life easier and HA/DP better.

Here’s a series of summaries on the changes and new features from all over the different sessions:

1. Virtualized Backups

They’re finally in. Rumors came up this summer and most people guessed the UR3 for DPM 2012
R2 would add a dedup feature to DPM.
As we now know, it was not available in the original UR3 but is now fully supported after the November 2014 update.

The reason why dedup was a painfully missed feature is the huge amount of data required for DPM compared with other vendors’ solutions.
Almost of the people to whom I talked about DPM agreed: “We need dedup!”

A channel9 session with Dik van Brummen points this out nicely.

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Deduplication and virtualized backup – new supported scenario

Update 18.11.2014

The needed Update KB3000850 to get the support, mentioned at the TechEd Barcelona 2014 Session about VDI, is coming across.
It’s included in the November 2014 update with roughly 700 megs.
You can find it via Windows Update or here.

Deduplication and virtualized backups were announced as new supported scenario at the TechEd 2014 embedded in a VDI and Deduplication session.

Windows Server Data Deduplication at Scale: Dedup Updates for Large-Scale VDI and Backup Scenarios

Actually it’s nothing new, it was basically working already and I’ve been doing this since the early days of preview 2012 R2.
But now it’s officially supported by Microsoft.

The basic idea is to lay down all backup VHDX made by DPM Server on Scale-Out-Fileservers.
So the SOF can do exactly the same what like in a VDI environment and dedup all the drives.
I can totally agree with dedup rates above 50% and up to 80% in real world scenarios.

creating Recovery Points fail after updating to System Center 2012 R2 UR4 – Connection to VMM lost/refused

Two days ago the final release of UR4 for SCDPM 2012 R2 came around. There’s still no deduplication support available but this isn’t the point right now. If you use Uninterrupted Data Protection with Virtual Machine Manager, you may encounter the same error as me:

Description:    DPM was unable to establish a connection with the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server.
Server name: 

Exception Message: Type: System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException, Message: Could not connect to 

net.tcp:// The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 

00:00:05.0829204. TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 

[IPv4/IPv6 Adress]:6070.  (ID 33400)

For whatever reason most of the DPM Servers I already updated forgot what they have been doing for months.

Re-establishing the connection helped.

Set-DPMGlobalProperty -DpmServerName  <DPMServerName> -KnownVMMServers <VMMServerName>



pfsense on Hyper-V – my personal light sword of open source routers

Thanks to a reader of the blog and another friend of mine who is sticking closer to the pfsense topic than me, I got a hint about the latest snapshot of pfsense which now has the Hyper-V integration services built in.
You can get an overview of the BSD Integration Services (BIS) at the official FreeBSD wiki.

I’m really happy to see what’s coming around.

What the heck is he talking about?
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Hyper-V virtual machine backup leaves the VM in a locked state … does it?

Update 10.10.2014

Now I have a better view and I can see that one other cluster have the described problem.
With VMM you can get the message if you try to move, start up a VM:

Error (12711)
VMM cannot complete the WMI operation on the server ( because of an error: [MSCluster_Resource.Name=&quot;SCVMM SOF-Prev-02&quot;]
The requested operation can not be completed because a resource has locked status (0x1748)

Failover Cluster Manager will say “The resource $VM is locked.”

From roughly around 70 VMs almost a third can’t be moved, started up or something else.

Really painful is the fact that you can’t do anything with the Hyper-V Host itself.
Trying to get ’em in paused mode for example.

Hyper-V-resource locked

Dynamic Optimizing is getting crazy as well. 😉
Applying the Hotfix seems to be working.

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Linux on Hyper-V – a summary 10.2014

I struggled with a Live Backup issue on Ubuntu 2014 LTS a while ago as ralish from Stockholm DevOps describes here.
The problem was a broken installer meta package and ends up in a missing kvp deamon if you tried to install it on Ubuntu.
This daemon is used to interact between Host and VM to get a consistent backup state during snapshot creation on the Hyper-V Host.
So at the end, Backups without kvp can be risky due to a service interruption of the VM workload(s).

A screenshot from the DPM 2012 R2 Backup console shows the offline state.

In the meantime, the bug got fixed, Live Backups without service interruption can be taken, the sun is shining again and so it’s time to wrap some things up and give you a short overview about Hyper-V and common Linux Distributions.

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