Increasing Deduplication Performance on Server 2012/R2 … a bit

Updated 02.02..2015

It’s been a while since the dedup feature came to us with Server 2012.
Actually 2 years ago I started playing around and since then it’s one of my favourite features.
For testing purposes I have had deduped nearly everything I could and still use it in “unsupported” scenarios like non VDI environments.
I got quite an overview how rock solid this feature really is.

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owned by a different DPM server

The full error message is:

“DPM could not run the backup/recovery job for the data source because it is owned by a different DPM server.
Data source: \Online\DC-01 Owner DPM Server: (ID 3184 Details: Internal error code: 0x809909B3)”
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Starting up a scheduled Replication Job in DPM 2012/R2 … immediately

Sometimes i’m creating scheduled replication tasks because i’m still working on servers and systems or i have performance considerations.
Surprisingly often I’m finished earlier than expected and would like to start the postponed tasks as soon as possible.

But i couldn’t find DPM specific tasks within the task scheduler and starting the job with the usual way via GUI wasn’t helpful. Continue reading

Migrate DPM custom filter

Within the DPM console you can create custom filters.
These filters aren’t exportable and they’re only usable on the local system.

DPM Filter migration
But at the end it’s only a XML file which is located in %systemdrive%\Users\%YourUser%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager

Look for JobsFilter.XML and copy it. This is working for DPM 2012 and R2 as well.

Deduplication Error – 0x8007000E – Server 2012/R2

Server 2012 R2 fantaboulous dedup feature is one of my favourites.
But I had a mysterious error within the logs about “Not enough storage” which was definitely not true.

At the end the error message is misleading and it was to less memory at night times when the server tried to dedup his storage due to a rare condition with concurrent other VMs and dynamic ram. So it happend not often and the errors weren’t in my sight.

The Power Shell gave me this:

LastOptimizationTime : 24.06.2014 01:26:49
LastOptimizationResult : 0x8007000E
LastOptimizationResultMessage : Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

Getting more minimum memory and scaling up the weight solved the problem.

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DPM 2012 R2 – unable to configure protection SQL 2012

I had an issue with a SQL Server directly after creation the protection group.

“Unable to configure protection SQL 2012”.
Unfortunateley the error id 30184 leads to a page without any further Content.

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KB2920189 fails to install on generation 2 Hyper-V VMs

A couple of days ago (12.05.2014) there was an updates released which fixing UEFI issues on Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 and above.
On some machines the update will fail as described here.
But as suggested within the forum it seems to be working to disable “secure boot” and repeat the update run.
In my cases all machines could install and run properly.