Linux on Hyper-V – a summary 10.2014

I struggled with a Live Backup issue on Ubuntu 2014 LTS a while ago as ralish from Stockholm DevOps describes here.
The problem was a broken installer meta package and ends up in a missing kvp deamon if you tried to install it on Ubuntu.
This daemon is used to interact between Host and VM to get a consistent backup state during snapshot creation on the Hyper-V Host.
So at the end, Backups without kvp can be risky due to a service interruption of the VM workload(s).

A screenshot from the DPM 2012 R2 Backup console shows the offline state.

In the meantime, the bug got fixed, Live Backups without service interruption can be taken, the sun is shining again and so it’s time to wrap some things up and give you a short overview about Hyper-V and common Linux Distributions.

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Converting a Citrix Server to a virtual Machine

Pain in the… 😉

I tried to convert an old Server 2003 R2 with Citrix on top today but the Virtual Machine Manager couldn’t grab and convert the HDDs.
I got different errors as I also tried it again via offline conversion. The WinPE couldn’t get any informations about the HDD (RAID 10 on LSI SCSI Controller).
Finally I cracked it as I backed up the whole machine and recovered it inside a Virtual Machine.

My experiences with old Systems an on/offline P2V conversions aren’t very well.
Within the last weeks I tried unsuccesfully to virtualize some old Windows XP and Server 2003 (R2) Systems.
The lucky thing was always to catch them via regular backup routines and recover them as I wrote above.