SuperFlower Golden Silent Fanless Platinum vs. SilverStone Nightjar 500W

For an upcoming Project I ordered a Silver Stone Nightjar 500 SST-ST50NF power supply.
This is a passive system without cooling fan and 80 plus silver certified.

I read several articles and I was pretty sure this could be a “cool” psu and suitable for a XBMC System.
Almost reviews I read wrote the Nightjar is a pretty good one but in my case it doesn’t…
I have a Super Flower Golden Silent SF-500P14FG as well and the Nightjar is getting much warmer as the Super Flower under the same circumstances.

The Nightjar is getting much hotter on the same System as the Superflower and so I decided to send it back.
At the end the Golden Silent PSU is only a bit more expensive but 80+ Platin certified and not a as hot as the Nightjar.
I wasn’t measuring anything because i could feel it very good.
You can touch the Nightjar but it’s to hot to feel well more than a couple of seconds.
The SuperFlower is only a bit over the room temperature and the difference is obvisously huge.

DeDuplication Issues on Server 2012 – running out of space

DeDuplication is one of the coolest new features on Server 2012 and I can’t wait to get the new R2 with all improvements.

All (File) Servers I’m using are brand new setups but there is an older system which was 2008 R2 and upgraded inplace a couple of months before without worries.
There are many image files, drivers, backups laying around but the dedup rate was very low right from the beginning.

Usually I can see dedup rates around 40 – 50% on most fileservers. Sometimes much more especially If there are sys preps and Microsoft related stuff.
This one special fileserver was running out of space the second time and it seems there is a problem with the garbage collection.

I started a thread at the Technet Forum and got a couple of informations.

The interims solution for me at the moment is a powershell command to run the clean up manually and get space back.

PS C:\> Start-DedupJob E: –Type GarbageCollection -full

Within the next days I’m crawling a bit deeper and take a look into the system log trying to get more useful error messages or something.

IPv6 Kongress 2013 Frankfurt

Vor ein paar Tagen war ich in Frankfurt beim diesjährigen IPv6 Kongress.
Das erste Mal überhaupt und gespannt was mich bei diesem Thema erwarten wird.

IPv6 an sich liegt schon seit langem auf dem Radar aber praktische Erfahrungen und Einblicke waren mir bisher im Grunde verwährt. Daher war es mir dieses Jahr wichtig dort zu sein wo viele Experten herumlaufen.
Während des Kongresses habe ich entsprechend neue Dinge gelernt und gehört.

Leider fehlte mir tiefgründigeres praktisches Wissen in Form von Aufbau eines kleines IPv6 Netzwerkes. Speziell DHCPv6 und DNS auf IPv6 Basis in der Windows Welt via Server waren von Interesse aber auch generelles.
Im Grunde war der Kongress also nur ein kleines Vorspiel…

Der Tag IPv6 kommt also demnächst immer wieder mal hervor… 😉