VMM 2012 won’t get a VHD over the net ID: 27235

I just figured out an issue with the CTP2 Virtual Machine Manager 2012 and the Ressource Importer which happend
during import a VHD via Network in to the VMM Library  to \\Target-Server\path\to\the\vhd\library.

It seems the result of the Power Shell Script via GUI is a bit broken and build strange sign/marks.


An unknown error occurred while executing the PowerShell script:

Mixed mode assembly is built against version ‘v2.0.50727’ of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime without additional configuration information.

Try the operation again. If the issue persists, contact Microsoft Help and Support.

ID: 27235


Re-editing the script, deleting the unwanted stuff and fire it up via VMM Power Shell will help. 🙂