DPM 2012 SP1 – Inventory Button is missing

Today I had a strange problem.
I couldn’t see the Inventory Button on an DPM Server Console.

After checking the drives and the library I could say there is everything fine.
Nothing unusual behavior.

So I tried to find an information about possible troubleshooting tips but without a result or hint whats going on.
But I was sure there are PowerShell cmdlts which could be helpful to me.

First i tried to find out more about the Library.

Get-DPMLibrary [[-DPMServerName]

The result gave me a very long name for the HP Library and the name wasn’t fully readable.

[…] Library: Hew… […]

Taking this as library name wasn’t helpful and I got an error back.

Start-DPMLibraryInventory [-DPMLibrary] <Library> [-FastInventory]

The solution was to change the values a bit.

$DPMLib=Get-DPMLibrary -DPMServerName “ServerName”
Start-DPMLibraryInventory -DPMLibrary $DPMLib[0] -FastInventory

[0] is the library If you have several librarys you have to count and put the correct value in it.