Server 2012 RC – USB 3.0 Issues

Finally the new 2012 Server arrived as Release Candidate a few days ago.
Instead listing features and scale ups I can tell something about what I figured out within the last couple of days.

First of all is a detail.

The charm on the right side is running smoother than before. If I hit the right side during a remote session the charm pops up more reliable as it was with the “8” beta and I was mostly confused.
The reason for reboot/shutdown are now fully readable.

I don’t ran an inplace update with the Hyper-V Host but I will do with one or two virtual maschines soon and see what happen.

I’ve tried ro re-enable the onBoard USB 3.0 (Etron) Chipset thoughtful and hopefully they fixed the issues with the virtualization disfunction.
But no… the Server won’t start if you do so.
In my case I have a P67 and a Z68 Board and both don’t boot if the etron is enabled.
You can read more about that in the beta “8” forum at technet



Update: 04.06.2012


Microsoft KB Entry: