owned by a different DPM server

The full error message is:

“DPM could not run the backup/recovery job for the data source because it is owned by a different DPM server.
Data source: \Online\DC-01 Owner DPM Server: DPM-02.contoso.com. (ID 3184 Details: Internal error code: 0x809909B3)”

Since DPM 2012 SP1 it became popular to use a new feature called “scale out protection“.
Like a scale out fileserver does, it is a good way to increase the performance, break limitations and getting flexibility by adding more DPM servers to balance workloads over the (DPM) nodes.
But there are two issues I could seen pretty often with this feature.

  1. Broken config/owner information (file)
  2. Improper change of ownership

With SP1 there was a problem with the stored information who is owner of a specific data source and the problem was a broken text file on the host itself.
I didn’t see this with R2 yet but maybe it’s fixed anyway.

The information who is the actual owner is written in a text file located in “%systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\ActiveOwner

As example the dir could be looking like this:

As you might see, all the files have a size of 1 KB which is the normal, usual state.
With DPM SP1 there was an issue that could be corrupt these files and the error message appeared. An indicator was a 0 KB file.
You can delete the file and start a new consistency check. In most cases the file coming back and the job runs through.

The mix of numbers and letters are the IDs of your virtual machines. On this host there are 4 VMs protected by a DPM server and the BMR as well.
If you open up the files with a text editor, let’s call it notepad, the first thing you can read is the owner of this “data source”.
But if you can’t open the file it’s definitely  corrupted.

If the Name of the DPM differs from this entry you can try to set it up properly with “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin\SetDpmServer.exe” -dpmservername DPM-01
But if the recovery won’t run as supposed to be, the ownership wasn’t changed properly.
Deleting the file and start up a consistency check will help as well. But try the setdpmserver first.
Within the error Messages of the DPM Server you can take the ownership as well as you can see on the following picture:

Taking Ownership on DPM SVR 2012 R2