Data Protection & High Availibility – upcoming new features – Part 1

Microsoft announced a number of cool features at the TechEd 2014 in Barcelona and I needed sometime to get into all the hot new stuff.
I found the Data Protection and High Availability tracks especially captivating.
There are major and minor changes to Hyper-V, Data Protection Manager and Azure which make admin life easier and HA/DP better.

Here’s a series of summaries on the changes and new features from all over the different sessions:

1. Virtualized Backups

They’re finally in. Rumors came up this summer and most people guessed the UR3 for DPM 2012
R2 would add a dedup feature to DPM.
As we now know, it was not available in the original UR3 but is now fully supported after the November 2014 update.

The reason why dedup was a painfully missed feature is the huge amount of data required for DPM compared with other vendors’ solutions.
Almost of the people to whom I talked about DPM agreed: “We need dedup!”

A channel9 session with Dik van Brummen points this out nicely.

Virtualized Backups are now a support scenario for DPM Servers, or, to be more precise, for the backup data itself.
The basic technology is the same as in VDI environments based on a scale-out file server. Instead of doing some kind of inline dedup like some competitors are, the DPM and file

server teams used the features they already had at their disposal, ran their tests and now have some numbers to show for it.

I’ve been using the VDI dedup scenario for more than one year and finally arrived at the same methods the DPM team is recommending now.
It’s actually a mix of VDI dedup and DPM recommendations for the VHDX files.

Windows Server Data Deduplication at Scale: Dedup Updates for Large-Scale VDI and Backup Scenarios

A short summary from the session about what you need and what you have to do.