Data Protection & High Availibility – upcoming new features – Part 2

Microsoft announced different cool features at the TechEd 2014 in Barcelona and I needed some time to get into all the cool new stuff.
Especially the tracks of Data Protection and High Availability got me.
There are major and minor changes with Hyper-V, Data Protection Manager and Azure which makes life easier and HA/DP better.

Here’s a series of conclusions of the changes and new features from all over different sessions.

2. A new Reporting Framework

Another missed thing, is an accurate and reliable reporting feature.
At the moment DPM doesn’t have good reports especially for environments with more than one DPM server.
The reporting engine is only usable for one single server for example.
I’m sure you really desperate to get something better.

April 2014 Steve Buchanan, a well known DPM Specialist, gave us a better reporting feature, with new sights and different more useful informations.


But with System Center vNext the DPM team will give us something really huge.
A new reporting framework with heaps of different informations including aggregating reports from other DPM servers.
First introductions seems to be pretty cool and useful. But there is a hook.
All the information’s will be putted in Operations Manager and not into a new central DPM console or something like this.
In my eyes this is an disadvantage but the DPM Team says SCOM is already there. I wouldn’t say so.
Smaller environments or situations with independent teams may won’t have the ability to integrate DPM in SCOM as it supposed to be.
But the advantages of the reports looking pretty awesome.
You can see the storage site as well and get an overview about how much storage space is left, deduped, backup durations of protection sources and so on and on…
Really cool.

Here’s a preview taken from the slides:

I’ll stick on that topic and will see what is coming up as soon as there is more to catch up.