Installing QuadStorVTL on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

QuadstorVTL is a nice piece of software for virtualized Tape Backups.
I’m using it for around 2 years and mainly for testing purposes on Debian Wheezy with DPM 2012 long term tape backup on Hyper-V.

From a Hyper-V perspective I would stick on Suse Linux, Ubuntu or maybe CentOS/RedHat as I described two months ago rather than Debian.
I started using QuadstorVTL on Debian because I needed an OOB solution for QuadstorVTL with minimal installation expense.

After a while and 2 Hyper-V generations later, Debian became more and more old fashioned and outdated compared with Ubuntu or Suse.
The missing KVP daemon and the lack of dynamic RAM support within Hyper-V environments isn’t suitable anymore.
Suse Linux would be the preferred distro on Hyper-V but my skills are a bit behind Ubuntu and so I decided to switch to the latest Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and try to get this running.
It’s not a “little expense” solution anymore but I like Ubuntu and the benefits are worth the effort.
Unfortunately the list of supported systems doesn’t include Ubuntu and after an installation of the VTL deb package, the Apache server won’t give you the well-known webinterface.
With help of the support team I got it running.

1. Install Ubuntu LTS 14.04 server (minimal shell)

2. Update

sudo apt-get update

3. Upgrade

sudo apt-get upgrade and/or

apt-get dist-upgrade –u

Note: fresh installed systems can’t break due to kernel/dist upgrades so you should do this

4. install KVP aka Linux Cloud tools

        sudo apt-get install linux-cloud-tools-virtual

5. install QuadstorVTL as described here – Debian like

6. change dir

cd /var/www

7. move QuadstorVTL html stuff

sudo mv quadstorvtl html/
sudo mv index.html html/

sudo mv vtindex.html html

8. enable CGI module

 sudo a2enmod cgi

9. restart apache2 service

 sudo service apache2 restart

Now you’re ready to go.
Open the VTL website with http://host/

Could you make it?
Don’t hesitate to comment.

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