Windows 8, the TPM Module and Bitlocker

Ok ok… I already know about the basic problem that only a couple of companys have a direct Access to the tpm module and the secret keys.

at the 30C3 in Hamburg I saw the talk ok Dr. Prof. Rüdiger Weis – Kryptographie nach Snowden which gave me a good reason to think how safe it is to stay on Windows Systems.

To get it clear… I mistrust every Company doing security stuff for Money.
It doesn’t matter to me  how big or small a Company is.
What we definitely know after the leaks of Edward Snowden is, that everything is possible and tried to get in by Security Agencys all over the world.

But there is a Problem… Windows is still pretty strong on Desktops and Notebooks so what ever we do as “more professional users”, we have to stay close and give Microsoft a reason to do the best in security for all users who are working with Windows.

So hey… If you ever have the Chance to speak with Microsoft employees or MVPs or who ever. Declare your Position to get the most secure System you’ll can get.

For me I’m start re-thinking about using a Linux System as well as my Win/OSXes.

For security reasons… seriously.