Windows Intune – deinstalling the client agents

As I mentioned before I was using Windows Intune and wasn’t very happy about Wave D.
But I decided to try it again with a more productive system.
Maybe I’m getting a budget to try it out more than the typical 30 day trial period but we will see.

But before I’m starting to enroll something on a (third level) productive machine I want to know how to wipe it out if I have troubles or done enough testing.
First option is to retire the device which means Intune will create a schedule task and deinstall all software and reset all changes made during Intune use.
But if there is a deeper problem or you can’t reach the client anymore you can use a script made by the Intune Team.

Here’s the official Technet Website.
I tried it a couple of weeks before on several machines and the job was done well enough.

Scroll down below and read

Using the Windows Intune uninstall scripts or the Windows Intune command line tool