Migrate DPM custom filter

Within the DPM console you can create custom filters.
These filters aren’t exportable and they’re only usable on the local system.

DPM Filter migration
But at the end it’s only a XML file which is located in %systemdrive%\Users\%YourUser%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager

Look for JobsFilter.XML and copy it. This is working for DPM 2012 and R2 as well.

DPM 2012 R2 – unable to configure protection SQL 2012

I had an issue with a SQL Server directly after creation the protection group.

“Unable to configure protection SQL 2012”.
Unfortunateley the error id 30184 leads to a page without any further Content.

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DPM 2012 SP1 – Inventory Button is missing

Today I had a strange problem.
I couldn’t see the Inventory Button on an DPM Server Console.

After checking the drives and the library I could say there is everything fine.
Nothing unusual behavior.

So I tried to find an information about possible troubleshooting tips but without a result or hint whats going on.
But I was sure there are PowerShell cmdlts which could be helpful to me.

First i tried to find out more about the Library.

Get-DPMLibrary [[-DPMServerName]

The result gave me a very long name for the HP Library and the name wasn’t fully readable.

[…] Library: Hew… […]

Taking this as library name wasn’t helpful and I got an error back.

Start-DPMLibraryInventory [-DPMLibrary] <Library> [-FastInventory]

The solution was to change the values a bit.

$DPMLib=Get-DPMLibrary -DPMServerName “ServerName”
Start-DPMLibraryInventory -DPMLibrary $DPMLib[0] -FastInventory

[0] is the library If you have several librarys you have to count and put the correct value in it.





DPM 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 3–Issues

A couple of weeks ago the CU3 for DPM 2012 SP1 cracked something in the SQL Database of one of my DPM Servers.
The Microsoft Support scheduled my case very quickly and resolved the problem within half an hour.

Now after one week CU3 re-release it seems the situation is cleared and everything is fine.


Important Update on DPM 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 3–Issues and Workarounds (Update: UR3 has been re-released)

DPM 2012 SP 1 – Tape import and recataloging

Within the last days I was switching from Data Protection Manager 2012 beta SP1 to the final Build which is available for TechNet and Volume Licensing customers at least since the 1st of January.

And I thought moving the Tapes and the MSL Library from one Server to another without the SQL Database is a kind of disaster recovery and likely an option to proof the concept of long term backups via tape. 😉

If the DPM Server is destroyed you will also lose the knowledge where and what files are located on the tapes and/or disks.
Keep in mind the DPM brain is stored in the SQL Database with reports, client server configurations and all this stuff.
Although you don’t have any of this you can simply get your data back with importing end recataloging the tapes.

What you need is another running DPM Server and, sure, a tape drive that’ll read your tapes. 😉

First step – you start inventorying the whole library or if you use a single drive with the inventory button on the left top side on the ribbons.
After and during the inventory you will see the tag/description (Imported) in front of you tapes.


But you also want to know what exactly is stored on the tape?
If you try to take a look and hit the “View tape contents” line in the middle …

… the following info box appears.

Sure you want to do that.
Note: Attentive observers would see there was a shorter way and hitting the line “Recataloging the tape” is quicker.

Anyway… the tapes will be “marked for recatalog and waiting for drive” now.

The tape drive is reading the tape and …

… after finishing you get more information. You see a date and what is stored (and maybe when it is expired or will be).
That should suffice for a first look.

Switch to the recovery and take a look. You’ll see “External DPM Tapes”.
You can browse through the backed up data and dig deeper if you need. 😉

If the tape is still in the library/drive DPM will read more data if needed and you’ll get a message.
“Please wait while DPM reads tapes …”

If the DPM could read enough data from the tapes you can look for whatever you’re looking for and recover your data.

Note: If you don’t need a deeper look and it’s not necessary to search for specific files you can simply recover the whole volumes/system the usual way. 😉