Increasing Deduplication Performance on Server 2012/R2 … a bit

Updated 02.02..2015

It’s been a while since the dedup feature came to us with Server 2012.
Actually 2 years ago I started playing around and since then it’s one of my favourite features.
For testing purposes I have had deduped nearly everything I could and still use it in “unsupported” scenarios like non VDI environments.
I got quite an overview how rock solid this feature really is.

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Server 2012 R2 – my personal favourite features

The Preview is still out there and the first impressions were made.
Since R2 hits the TechNet i’m on my way to explore more and more stuff I really like.

  • Tiered Storage Spaces
  • incredible fast (Windows) updates
  • dedup for CSVs
  • shared virtual disks (makes it a lot easier to build Cluster in a Cluster Environments –> guest clustering)
  • online VHDX resizing (Gen2 only)

But there are some Points missing.

A graphical view of hot spots on dedup’d File Servers or something to see what kind of data can dedup’d pretty well and what kind doesn’t.
Quick upgrade/migrations paths for existing Gen1 Hyper-V machines to Gen2.


Server 2012 R2 Preview – Installation error

Especially during in place upgrades I ran several times into installation errors.

“Windows installation encountered an unkown error and cannot continue.”

The reason at the moment seems to be the (177kb) update the setup assistant is recommending.
If you leave the option unchecked the installation will run through.

1.2012-to-R2-error 2.2012-to-R2-error 3.2012-to-R2-error 4.2012-to-R2-error

I ran also into errors during a normal setup on a blank disc with the same error but couldn’t get a hint why.
Maybe it was a corrupt iso image.